• [2021 SEP 15] Kyong Hwan Jin serves as a SPC member for AAAI conference.

  • [2021 AUG 30] Minsu Kim(김민수) joined our group!

  • [2021 JUN 07] Jaewon Lee(이재원) joined our group!

  • [2021 MAY 20] Our paper was accepted at IEEE Trans. Medical Imaging: J. Yoo, K. H. Jin, H. Gupta, J. Yerly, M. Stuber, and M. Unser, “Time-dependent Deep Image Prior for dynamic MRI,” IEEE TMI in press [Link , PDF]

  • [2021 MAY 13] Our paper was accepted at IEEE Signal Processing Letters : K. H. Jin, “Deep Block Transform for Autoencoders,” IEEE Signal Processing Letters, vol.28, pp.1016-1019, 2021 [Link , PDF]

  • [2021 FEB 22] Seonhwa Kim(김선화) joined our group!

  • [2020 JUN ] IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) BEST PAPER Award 2019 K. H. Jin, M. T. McCann, E. Froustey, and M. Unser, “Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Inverse Problems in Imaging,” IEEE TIP, 2017 [Link , PDF]